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Particulate filter cleaning services are becoming more and more popular, which is why our company has had a machine design and construction department for over two years.

We design and create modern DPF cleaning devices from A to Z.

About us

Our company designs and builds machines for cleaning Solid Particulate Filters, abbreviated as DPF. since 1998, we design and manufacture control cabinets, which are then used in our constructions. All used PLC and HMI controllers are programmed by us. This also applies to the motherboards used in the rack, which allows us to service quickly when needed.

The scope of works in the offer

– Design in CAD
– TIG and MIG welding
– Execution of medium-sized structures
– Laser cutting
– Metal bending

Our company


21 505,00 $

We offer a particle filter cleaning machine that is fully manufactured by us.

The Hydro Clean washing technique, which is used in our washer, ensures the recovery of the original filter efficiency up to 98%
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12 651,00 $

The offered machine is much smaller than the MDM-1A machine and differs technically.

Despite the different specification and handling compared to MDM-1A, it provides equally good cleaning.
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Business idea

We present an innovative machine for cleaning diesel particulate filters. A purchase is a huge step in expanding your company’s services or building a new professional business.
The filter cleaning method is modern thanks to the latest Hydro Clean technology. This method is non-invasive and the most effective.
It is possible to clean the filters of all cars from passenger cars to trucks, as well as catalysts for large trucks.
The operation of the machine is simple, so there is no need to hire specialists or have special skills.

DPFCLEANSYSTEM machines can clean even a dozen or so filters every day. The cleaning process lasts from 30 minutes to 2 hours and depends on the degree of soiling of the filter. In addition, the entire washing cycle is inexpensive, so the profits from this service are very high, the cost-benefit ratio is 95.4%!

Our company can help arrange financing for our machines. Financing options include leasing, credit, grants.
We work with GRENKELEASING Sp. zoo. who finances the purchase of our machines.

We do not require any own payment as standard
Minimum amount PLN 3,000, maximum 2 million
We do not require financial documents up to 100,000 net
Monthly or quarterly installments

We conduct a one-day training course with the purchase of the machine. Where our qualified employee explains how to wash and what to pay attention to.
We also offer instructional videos, in the era of a pandemic, the client does not have to come to the training

Based on our experience and years of practice, we have developed proven marekting solutions. The customer can use our solutions that will be tailored to the customer's needs.

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Assuming the regeneration of 3 DPF filters per day at a price of PLN 500 per washed filter

PLN 500 x 3 = PLN 1,500 per day
Monthly income = PLN 30,000.

Subtracting the costs incurred:

Employee = 5,000 PLN
Advertising = PLN 1,000
VAT 23% = 6900
Income tax 19% = 4,370

In total:

costs = 17,270
other costs = 2,700
Income = 30,000
~ 10,000 PLN of profit per month with the given assumptions

please note that these are only predictions. We do not set the price of washing in advance, the price is just an example

The cost of one wash

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Distributors in Poland

NORD-LIFT - Mariusz Pietrow

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Auto Land Polska S.A. 

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tel: +48 692 361 080

Representatives in Europe


+49 151 142 318 33
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Iskra Małgorzata
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czech and slovakia

Maria-Luiza Malinowska 
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Agnieszka Niechaiał
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Crafters Slovakia s.r.o. Kuhnowa 485/3 95101 Nitrianske Hrnčiarovce


model MDM-1 up to 100 – 250 liters
model MDM-4 – up to 100-300 liters

Drain the dirty water to the sewage system and fill the water tank with the quick coupler

Any debris from the machine can normally be discharged into the sewage system. Because 95% of the pollutants remain in the filters. The fluid used can be discharged to the sewage system, as it is a completely ecological measure.

There is no need to specify the car brand as each filter is pressure tested

The washers clean all brands of cars, therefore no vehicle list is needed. The washers clean filters for passenger cars, vans, trucks, forklifts, agricultural machines and others.

Cleaning takes from 20 minutes to 1 hour for passenger cars, depending on how dirty.
HGVs from 1 hour to approx. 4 hours, depending on the contamination.

The operator of the MDM-4 machine makes a visual assessment with an inspection camera and makes a visual assessment. The endoscope inspection camera is part of the machine.

The machine operator will know that the filter is completely clean when the water is completely clean.

You can work right away. In our technology, we wash from 30 degrees. Heating the water to 50 degrees takes 25 minutes for MDM-1A. For MDM-4A, water heats up to 50 degrees for 40 minutes.

The washer should be cleaned every 20 washes. To do this, drain the water into the sewage system and pour clean water. Pour in 0.5 liters of the liquid, heat the water to 50º – 60º C. Turn on the water pump and let the machine run for an hour. If the water is dirty, repeat the procedure until the water is clean.

Place the filter you want to wash on the table. Then use a flange and rubber so that the inlets from the DPF filter are tightly closed. Screw the F-type Camlock on the ends of the flanges on both sides. Place the filter in the wash compartment and connect the nozzles.

The filter contaminated with oil should be washed in the same way as other filters, except that the water temperature should be 50 – 60 degrees.

In some cases, it happens that after washing, there is no passage. There are two ways to do this:

– blow it with compressed air, and connect the filter for re-drying. for about 1 hour

– connect the filter to the car and make the first burnout on the car, which will drain the water from the filter

The cause of the decaying cartridge is most often damage resulting from flooding with preparations that will burn DPF and clean. As a result, they damage the monolith and the glue that binds the monolith together. As a result, the binder is damaged by the washing force and the filter breaks into pieces.

Depending on the filter, if the filter in the middle has only an exhaust gas temperature sensor. You can drill a hole for the sensor and mount it.


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