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We can present a new model of the machine for cleaning DPF filters. Our machine cleans the DPF filter completely automatically. The machine operator just has to hook up the filter and the rest is done by the computer. More information from our distributors.

Automatic cleaning of particulate filters

After a year of testing, we can present a new model of the DPF filter cleaning machine called MDM-2. It is a machine designed for cleaning filters that does not require employee service in the washing process. After fastening the filter, the machine automatically cleans the filter, carries out a filter throughput analysis in (mbar). After washing, the machine turns itself off the washing and drying process. The automatic washing process provides great savings on the costs associated with operating the machine during washing. We install our AutoCLEAN technology in two machine housings we manufacture.

11 machines sold, 1000 washed DPF

Our machines work flawlessly with our clients throughout Europe. We deal with the cleaning of filters for customers ourselves, which is why we know what modernizations and improvements to introduce to our devices.

We present an innovative particulate filter cleaning machine, of which we are a manufacturer.

The device provides a recovery of the original efficiency of the DPF filter up to 98%, thus saving you on costly repair or replacement. Currently, the method of firing DPF in the oven is moving away, which was not an effective method and the problem returned very quickly. All you have to do is place the filter in our device, press the START button and wait for the cycle to finish. After all, all you have to do is pass the clean filter to the customer.

Filter assembly

To assemble the particle filter, we use a pneumatic arm for crimp tubes, which are available in five sizes. Flanges of various sizes and diameters can also be used.

Outflow and inflow

water can be connected to the supply from the supply pipe, and the outflow to the sewage system. The bathtub tank has a water level sensor that shows its status on the touch screen. The photo shows a blower, whose function is to measure the flow of the filter and drying after washing.


In the tank of the washing tub there is a settling tank for the thickest sediment, in addition there are: a filter in front of the water pump and two string filters, the photo of which is next to it. This solution is the cheapest and the most effective in filtering water and oil.

Washing the DPF filter

with the help of fluid and turbulent flow technology, filter cleaning is 99% effective. The applied automation enables control of such stages as pulse, strength and frequency of strokes. Pressure sensors show us the initial pressure before washing and pressure after washing in units (mbar). Measurements can be printed (printer included).

Washing speed

The machine operator has full freedom in controlling water pulse and pulse time. This option allows you to clean the filter in 15 minutes, which significantly affects the dynamics of work. In addition, it is possible to control the strength of the water flow. In the machine, all processes are carried out by the computer.

The device can be used to clean all types of diesel particulate filters for cars, trucks and buses. The opening roof allows cleaning of large elements measuring up to 3 m.

Two device models, where: 1 Model where the bath area is 116cm x 58 cm 2 Model where the bath area is 116 cm x 69 cm It consists of a sedimentation tank and a main tank. The bathtub has a capacity of 130 liters. You can put all types of DPF, including DPF Euro 6.

For each machine purchased from us you will receive 10 liters of special liquid for washing DPF filters

Tubes mounted on a 1/2 “pipe with dimensions: 40, 45, 51, 55, 60.

Flanges for fastening DPF