A brand dealing in the regeneration of parts for diesel engines


The company produces the most modern devices for cleaning DPF filters


Particulate filter cleaning services are becoming increasingly popular in our country, which is why our design and construction department has been operating in our company for over two years. We design and create modern DPF cleaning devices from A to Z.

What do we have?

own MIG / TIG welding shop CAD design laser cutting and bending of steel programming and building motherboards on the customer’s order machining, machining and milling steel hardening by DLC Our company was founded in 1998. The main profile of activity is regeneration of injectors for Diesel engines. We regenerate injectors of such brands as Bosch, Denso, Siemens VDO, Delphi. Our factory is equipped with the most modern devices for testing injectors, so-called collection tables. In addition, we have professional measuring equipment. The mission of our company is the regeneration of injectors not supported by global concerns, these are: piezoelectric Bosch, Denso, Siemens VDO. To meet the ecology so important to man, we recover almost 85% of injectors that were already intended for utilization. Our company operates in various industries, we mainly deal with the creation of innovative solutions and technology development. Our team consists of young and dynamic professionals.

What will you regenerate with us?

  • Two spring injectors electromagnetic
  • injectors from Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Siemens VDO
  • piezoelectric injectors from Bosch, Siemens VDO
  • Bosch CP1, CP2, CP3, CP4 high pressure pumps Bosch injection
  • pumps for 1.9 TDi, 2.0 TDi cars Bosch,
  • Man TGX truck injectors