The machine does not look different from other models. The main change is the machine works in a full machine. The washer operator attaches the filter and the rest is done automatically by a computer program.

We offer a particulate filter cleaning machine that has been entirely manufactured by us. We have used the new technology of the AutoCLEAN automation process developed by our specialists. We have tested the solution for a year and refined every detail. Operation of this device is trouble-free and very readable.

The Hydro Clean washing technique, which is used in our washer, ensures the recovery of the original filter efficiency up to 98% – this is the most effective method available on the market and offered by other companies.

An investment in this machine is an investment in the future of your business!

Net price – 20.000 £

Description / Features

Filter installation: To connect the filter we use attachments that fit every type of filter…

Filtering: This is a fully thought-out solution to reduce the costs of washing the filter. The water tank is divided into two parts. The first part is the settler for the thickest sludge, the second is the tank with the oil filter. Then the filtered water goes to the pressure pump, where the water is piled up to 16 bar in diameter 2 “. Behind the pump there are two filters 50 cm high each.

Drying: Controlled Automatic drying process.

Control: Controlling the entire machine is very simple and intuitive. Washing can be carried out using a high-class touch panel. The system has a built-in error and message system. The panel can be managed remotely via the Internet and conducting analysis. The washing and drying process is carried out automatically.

Technical data:

External dimension: H: 202 cm W: 120 cm L: 175 cm (sunroof)

Working surface: height: 300 cm, width: 70 cm, length 116 cm

Tank capacity: 130 liters

Power supply: 380/400 V / 32 A protection

Water pump: 16 Bar

Blower: 1.5 kW

Blower heater: 4 kW (temp. 150 C)

Water heater: 7 kW (from 0 – 100 degrees)

Two water filters: string

Report printer: HP

Touchpad Construction: Stainless steel, polycarbonate, steel Delivery time: Machines available immediately Warranty: 24 months

For proper operation of the machine you need a 10 bar compressor – tank min. 150 liters.

The machine includes:

1. 10 liters of liquid (200 washes)

2. All reductions to filters         Łeska wheel,         Wheel on M12 (Nissan, Toyota)         Wheel on M8 (VW, PSA Group)         2x Universal cone Small and big cone (New !!) TIR attachment Triangle starter 2 pieces (NEW !!)

3.2 x spare string filters, 1 oil filter (new)

4. 3 hoses: 2 for washing  1 to be extended

5. on-site training (1 day)

6. Operating instructions

7. Warranty card for 24 months