Description / Features

Our washer for cleaning diesel particulate filters (DPF) is characterized by washing in the 2HYDRO technology. The technology allows the DPF filter to be regenerated in 99.99%. This method has been tested and used by us for over 2 years. It is also the most effective cleaning method on the market, comparing it with the technologies used by the competition, it is twice as effective!

2HYDRO – is a double-sided washing technology developed by our company. After years of testing and using our experience, we have managed to create the most effective cleaning method available on the market. It consists in sequentially increasing air pressure and passing it along with water through the filter, which stimulates pollutants in order to get rid of them from the filter more easily and effectively.

The basic functions of the washer are:

Filter testing (DPF) with mbar before washing
Proper wash
Blowing the filter with compressed air
Filter testing (DPF) after completion, also with mbar
Drying of the DPF


DYFU-5 filter blow-off system

This is a novelty in our machines. After washing each filter in order to quickly remove the water remaining in the filter channels after cleaning it with air pressure and the tank, an impact is created which causes the residual water to be pushed out of the DPF filter channels. Which allows us to shorten the drying time to a maximum of 15 minutes.

Double Filtering.

The filter consists of two string filters, unlike the competitor’s one filter, which translates into greater effectiveness of its operation and efficiency, because such a pair lasts up to 40 washes!

All this makes our machine much cheaper to use than competing companies that create similar machines.

Back pressure test

The washer enables initial testing of the DPF filter capacity, where, after the test, it can be printed to present it to the customer.

After washing, we perform another capacity test, checking the quality and efficiency of the regenerated filter, comparing the parameters of the DPF filter before and after cleaning.
Measurements are made in millibars.

Ebb / drain

The washer has a tank where we refill up to 130 liters of water for passenger cars, and 250 liters for trucks.
The water is double-filtered, so always add it to the tank, because the water evaporates when washing at 45 degrees.
By connecting the hoses with an additional element, the water can be cleaned of impurities after each wash. This has a significant impact on the low water consumption.


External dimensions: H: 202 cm W: 120 cm L: 175 cm (opening roof)
Working surface: height: 300 cm, width: 57 or 70 cm, length 116 cm
Tank capacity: 130 liters
Power supply: 380/400 V / 32 A protection
Water pump: 16 Bar
Blower: 1.5 kW
Blower heater: 4 kW (temperature 150 C)
Water heater: 7 kW (from 0 – 100 degrees)
filtration: 3x string filters
Report printer: HP
Construction: stainless steel, polycarbonate, steel
Delivery time: Machines available immediately
Warranty: 24 months

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  • 5x camlock

    the set includes 5 screwed couplings for attaching hoses

  • Small stick

    the order also includes a small stick

  • 20L
    for fluid

    20L of high-quality fluid for cleaning filters

  • 2x Filters

    The washer set includes 2 filters in the machine and 2 additional filters

  • Small cone

    The set includes 3 small cones, which can be used to connect 90% of car filters

  • Big cone

    With your order, you receive 1 large cone, which can be used to connect 90% of filters for trucks

  • Truck flange

    With this additive you can regenerate DPF cartridges for trucks.

  • Cone attachment

  • Drying hose

  • 2 washing hoses

  • Extension hose

  • flange for volvo

    With the help of this accessory, a filter cartridge for Volvo Euro 6 cars can be connected


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