Description / Features

Installing the filter: We use a pneumatic arm with a rubber tip in five sizes to install the filter. We have prepared four flanges and one universal cone for drying and washing.

Filtering: The tank is divided into two parts. The first is a settling tank for the coarsest sediment, a filter in front of the water pump, and two string filters behind the water pump. It is the cheapest and most effective solution for filtering water and oil.

Drying: Drying is carried out at the rear of the machine (or in the chamber), which allows simultaneous washing and drying. The 4 kW heater ensures quick drying of a small filter up to 15 minutes, and a large filter up to 30 minutes. The maximum temperature that can be set is 150 degrees.

Controls: Controlling the entire machine is very simple and intuitive. Washing can be carried out using a high-class touch panel. The system has a built-in error and message system. The panel can be remotely managed via the Internet and analyzed. Available language versions: Polish, English, German, Ukrainian, Lithuanian and others.

DPF filter washing: Using liquid and turbulent flow technology, filter washing is 99% effective. The applied automation allows you to control individual washing stages, such as impulse, impact force or frequency.

Technical data

External dimensions: H: 125 cm W: 145 cm L: 155 cm
Working surface: height: 100 cm, width: 80 cm, length 120 cm
Power supply: 380/400 V / 32 A protection
Water pump: 12 Bar
Blower: 1.5 kW
Blower heater: 4 kW (temperature 120 C)
Water heater: 1.5 kW (from 0 – 100 degrees)
Three water filters: string
Measurement reports in mbar
Construction: stainless steel, polycarbonate, steel, plastic
Delivery time: Machines available immediately
Warranty: 24 months

You get the order from us

20 liters of liquid (400 washes)
All reductions to filters
Hairpin wheel,
Wheel on the M12 (Nissan, Toyota)
Wheel on the M8 (VW, PSA Group)
Universal cone
8 different sized gums
Adapter for TIR
2x spare string filters
3 snakes
1 for drying in a steel braid
1 for washing and
1 for extension
One day training on site
User manual
Warranty card for 24 months
Built-in printer

  • 5x camlock

    the set includes 5 screwed couplings for attaching hoses

  • Small stick

    the order also includes a small stick

  • 20L
    for fluid

    20L of high-quality fluid for cleaning filters

  • 2x Filters

    The washer set includes 2 filters in the machine and 2 additional filters

  • Small cone

    The set includes 3 small cones, which can be used to connect 90% of car filters

  • Big cone

    With your order, you receive 1 large cone, which can be used to connect 90% of filters for trucks

  • Truck flange

    With this additive you can regenerate DPF cartridges for trucks.

  • Cone attachment

  • Drying hose

  • 2 washing hoses

  • Extension hose

  • flange for volvo

    With the help of this accessory, a filter cartridge for Volvo Euro 6 cars can be connected


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