Are you looking for an idea for an easy and profitable business?

We present an innovative machine for cleaning particulate filters, its purchase is a great step to expand the services of your company, or to establish a new professional business.
The filter cleaning method is modern, thanks to the use of the latest Hydro Clean technology. This method is non-invasive and the most effective.
It is possible to clean the filters of all cars, from passenger cars to trucks, as well as catalysts for large trucks.
The operation of the washer is simple, so there is no need to hire specialists in this field, and you also do not need to have any special skills.

DKSOFT TECHNOLOGY machines are able to clean up to a dozen or so filters a day. The cleaning process lasts from 30 minutes to 2 hours (depending on the degree of contamination of the filter), in addition, the entire washing cycle is not expensive, therefore the profits from this service are very large, and the investment in the purchase of the device will pay off in no time.

What we offer ?

Website www.
– advertising campaign in GOOGLE ADS
– assistance in arranging financing such as leasing, credit, subsidies
– own website address on the Internet
– SMS marketing
– good quality of the device – we are not an importer, but a manufacturer
– unbeatable price on the market
– a written guarantee of 24 months
– introductory training and post-purchase technical advice
– assistance in obtaining funds for the purchase, favorable leasing.
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We cooperate with GRENKELEASING Sp. z o.o. that finances the purchase of our machines.

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